EM-Center. Channeling the power of microbial communities to the benefit of society
Longevity medicine
The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed another global problem - a health problem, both in our country and throughout the world: modern medicine, being symptomatic and not causal, is not able to effectively cope with serious viral infections.
Noospheric Biovegetarians
Bio-vegetarian is an integral part of the Ecovillage. This is a kind of modern greenhouse using EM technology, vermicultivation and robots for year-round cultivation of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, berries and fruits in the latitudes of the Russian Federation.
Super-effective influence of scientist Shablin’s EM technology on soil fertility
The “Biosphere” project to create life support systems for the territories of the Far East, the Republic of Buryatia, Siberia, and the Far North. Main economic indicators.
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