Biodestructor for cleaning municipal, urban, industrial and livestock wastewater and reservoirs
“Tamir” bio agent contains a stable consortium of soil microorganisms and includes lactic acid, photosynthetic, nitrogen-fixing, cellulose-degrading bacteria, unicellular fungi, actinomycetes.

  • Eliminates pathogenic microflora and unpleasant odors in waste processing rooms and equipment, slaughterhouses.
  • Dissolves existing sludge, reducing the load on manure removal systems.
  • Reduces the hazard class of droppings and manure.
  • Accelerates composting and decomposition of organic waste (cesspools, septic tanks).

Concentrate: 1 kg, 10 kg
Agent: 1 L, 10 L
Solution: 1:100, 1:1000
Humus-forming fertilizer
Microbiological fermenter of organic waste
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